Early Childhood

Keira grew up in the Kingdom of Haven, daughter to Kikita and Sigrid Kinover-Mar, the rulers before her. From birth she was trained in politics as well as combat, having been well-versed in the history as well as skilled with a spear and her natural Eco abilities. With life being short in Haven, she was to be prepared to take the throne at the age of thirteen (if the occasion came to it), having either wed a man of her choosing, to be betrothed to aide her should she choose to, or on her own as the sole monarch.

Capture and Imprisonment

When she was the age of five, however, her kingdom was attacked and she was taken as a prisoner-of-war. Having been taken into an underground laboratory prison, she was subjected to Dark Eco experimentation during the day, and being raped and tortured at night by her captors and the guards in their service. Normally, people exposed to Dark Eco would either die quickly or die slowly to the point of going insane before dying. The Dark Eco was injected directly into her bloodstream, as the captors wanted immediate results. However, she refused to give them any satisfaction, so she used what willpower she mustered to ensure they gained no new information in regards to her.

During her thirteen years, she encountered a few who managed to survive longer than a day or a few minutes, whom she was forced to fight in 'The Pit'. In one particular instance, there was a boy younger than her, about five (as at the time she was roughly ten) that she mercy-killed. The boy was suffering, and would of endured a sadistic slow death had she not done the deed herself. Eventually, all but her perished, and left her to suffer all the wrath and greed of those responsible. When she reached the age of eighteen, the scientists had left her on the table to go run some numbers together, giving her an opportunity to escape as the one guard who cared for her came to her rescue at last. Crawling through a ventilation shaft into what seemed to be an armory, she climbed and fought her way toward what seemed to be a sewage exit. Seeing a door, she made her way to it, but not without resistance.

Currently in Life

Recently the Queen continues her peaceful work, raising her daughter and maintaining peace in Haven.

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